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Manufacturing / Constructional Steel

For manufacturing and constructional steel, we produce and supply according to the following categories of products :

  1. Raw Steel Materials metal scrap and used rails (HMS I & II)
  2. Semi-finished Steel products: billet and blooms
  3. Finished Steel Products:
    1. Long product deformed bar, wire rod, beam, channel, angle, tubing, pipe
    2. Flat products Hot rolled coil & plate, cold rolled coil & sheet.

Please see below introduction.

Raw Steel Materials

Used Rails

- (HMS I & II)

Semi-finished Steel Products

Billets & Blooms

  • Semi-finished steel product
  • Square/round cross sections up to 155mm by 155mm
  • Processed to produce finished products such as deformed bar and wire rod.

Finished Steel Products

Deformed bar

  • Used predominantly in construction of buildings, highways and bridges

Wire rod

  • Rolled from billets/blooms with a round or rectangular cross-section.
  • It is wound into coils with diameters ranging from 5.5 to 42.0mm.
  • It is used mainly in the construction, automotive, welding and engineering industries.

Beam (H & I)

  • H-beam is designed for its flanges to provide strength in a horizontal plane, while the web gives strength in a vertical plane. They are commonly used as columns, truss members and in other load-bearing situations.
  • I-beam is used for applications where lesser strength is required.


  • Cross section being shaped similar to the letter C.
  • Used in applications where a single flat face without outstanding flanges on one side is required.


  • Structural section whose cross section resembles the letter L. It is used in combinations of two or four to form beams.

Hot-Rolled Coil & Plate

  • Produced by the process of hot rolling, hot-rolled coil can be produced in varying specifications. For easy storage and transportation, they are turned into coil form before further shearing into plates and strips for the construction, shipbuilding and fabrication industries.

Cold-Rolled Coil & Sheet

  • Produced from hot rolled steel by re-rolling and cooling of hot rolled sheets, cold-rolled coil and sheet are used extensively in the automobile industry and household appliances.

Rebar Coils


Manufacturing Plant

China Steel Plant

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