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Value-Adding Services

Trade Financing We provide alternate sources of financing to clients engaged in trade financing by utilizing professional skills and great resources. Our main objective is to ease our clients' imports, protect their receivables and improve their cashflows by offering Documentary Letters of Credit / Standby Letters of Credit. We offer incredible levels of personal, fast turn-around service, with excellent bank relations.

Parties Involved :
Buyer (Applicant)
Buyer’s Bank (Issuing Bank)
Beneficiary (seller / payee)
Beneficiary's Bank (advising Bank)
Confirmation Bank (often the same as advising bank)


  • Seller does not have to open an account & grant payment terms to buyers;
  • Credit risk is nearly eliminated;
  • Buyer's cash is not tied up in the process;
  • Reduces payment delays; and
  • No need to run personal credit or information

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